The Anita Andriesen Prize is awarded once every three years by the Provincial Council to a person or organization that makes or has made a significant contribution to the preservation or development of spatial quality in the province of Fryslân.

The winner of the prize is chosen by an advisory committee. This year’s advisory committee consists of five members, namely Sandra van Assen (urban planner and architect), Ankie Boomstra (specialist art in public space), Mathijs Dijkstra (landscape architect), Bertus de Jong (landscape architect), Jelle de Jong (architect). As a politician Anita Andriesen (1957-2008) worked tirelessly for the “gold of Fryslân”: the spatial quality of place, landscape and cultural heritage. The Frisian prize for spatial quality therefore bears her name.

Jury: Sandra van Assen, Ankie Boomstra, Mathijs Dijkstra, Bertus de Jong, Jelle de Jong.

Organisation: Keunstwurk iov. provincie Fryslân

Where: province of Fryslân

When: 2020