Masterclass: New governance strategies for Urban Design. Case: Room for the River.

The United Nations Habitat programme “Urban Maestro” aims to understand and encourage innovation in the field of urban design governance through a better understanding of alternative non-regulatory (“soft power”) approaches and their contribution to the quality of the built environment.

In the autumn of 2020, URBAN MAESTRO organized a master class for international students and young researchers. The masterclass focused on new design governance strategies. Four groups examined four cases: IBA Thüringen, Room for the River, Co-city Torino, Petite Île / CityGate II Brussels. José and Sandra contributed to the analysis of the Room for the River case. The masterclass was intended as an exchange of knowledge, skills and ideas. It represented a learning process for everyone involved.

Download de Masterclass Paper here (.pdf on the website).

Tutors: Sandra van Assen, David Bauer

Authors: Hala Aburas, Sandra van Assen, David Bauer, Rosa Catalina Pintos Hanhausen, Johanna Westermann In participation with: Naglaa Abbas, Ramsés Grande Fraile, Naveen Isarapu, Piotr Kruk,Javier Luengo Oroz.

Visiting critics: Hans Brouwer, José van Campen, Michiel Daams, Matthieu Schouten, Pieter Schengenga.


When: december 2020