Place Quality Advisory Practices: a Widespread National Phenomenon

National Survey

Between December 2021 and May 2022, 179 practices completed our National survey. 167 surveys match the parameters of our research (the others may prove to be valuable counterexamples). A few preliminary findings:

Delineation of the area 

  • 78% of the practices advise on matters within the boundaries of (a) local government area(s)
  • 18% of the practices advise on matters within the boundaries of (a) provincial government area(s)
  • 4% of the practices advise on matters at national level

Assignments of the place quality practices

The assignments of most place quality advisory practices concern public space, landscape and housing. In addition, assignments regularly concern urban centers, business and industrial areas and infrastructure. About a quarter of the assignments of advisory practices relate to climate, nature, water and/or social issues as well.

Place quality aspects

Eight quality aspects are mentioned in the Davos Quality System. All aspects were selected. Practices mostly address five of the eight aspects:  identity, beauty, context, functionality, and sustainability. To a lesser extent practices address the three aspects of economics, social diversity, and governance.

Next steps in the research

We will now process the data. Our goals are to produce an initial overview and classification of practices. In addition, we will analyse specific themes, such as the influence of designers in these practices and the use of public values.

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