Energy mix method: a game for experts and residents on energy and space.

Many grassroot initiatives in the province of Fryslân use the Energymix Method (EMM). This serious game is an call to action for people and parties who want to work with sustainable energy in their own living environment. Sandra van Assen was involved in the development of the method, along with the province of Fryslân, Wageningen University (WUR) and the Energyworkplace Fryslân (Energiewerkplaats Friesland). The Energymix Method allows grassroot initiatives, government and other stakeholders to learn about the spatial, financial, societal and technical consequences of becoming energy neutral. Moreover, it stimulates collaboration and vision. In one or two sessions the game provides an overview of the energy requirements, the desired and less desirable energy measures, their translation into space, costs and revenues, possible projects and collaborations. By playing the game the actors join forces. The Energyworkplace Fryslân supports with inspiring interactive material, up-to-date information, knowledge and expertise. Several enthusiastic villages and neighbourhoods have played the game and are now developing their own projects.

Who: province of Fryslân (Sandra van Assen, Edgar van der Staay, Gerwin Venema), Wageningen University (Haryt Dijkman, supervisors Claudia Basta en Sven Stremke), de Friese Energiewerkplaats (Jaap Koen Bijma, Sybrand Frietema de Vries, Yerun Karabey, Hajo Kootstra, Oscar Jansen, Johannes Lankester, Marcel van der Schuur, Barend van der Veen) and Erik Overdiep Landschapsontwerp.

Where: Friesland

When: 2015-2020