Dutch Q-team practices as selected example in European research program.

Recently, José and Sandra were invited to contribute to the European research project URBAN MAESTRO. Urban Maestro is a joint research project of the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-Habitat), the University College of Londen (UCL) and the Brussels Bouwmeester maître architecte (BMA) (www.urbanmaestro.org). Urban Maestro explores innovative governance modalities for urban design in European cities. A series of practices are documented in detail, one of which is the Dutch q-team practice.

The Dutch practice of spatial quality teams has been designated by the research team of URBAN MAESTRO as a practice that can serve as an example for other countries. José and Sandra have been asked to write an expert paper based on their knowledge and expertise about spatial quality advice in the Netherlands. During the international workshop on June 23, 2020, they gave a lecture about examples from Dutch practice. Sandra and José will also contribute to the URBAN MAESTRO masterclass for students in September. The expert paper is likely to be published this fall by URBAN MAESTRO.

Who: Sandra van Assen en José van Campen, research team URBAN MAESTRO
Where: Europa
When: june 2020 and on