academic research

The academic research of the Q-factor Research Program focuses on the impact of the advisory practice of Dutch spatial quality teams and comparable design review practices in other countries.

The research is carried out in two parallel PhD’s, one by José van Campen (spatial planner) and one by Sandra van Assen (architect and urbanist). We are external PhD candidates at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. Promotor of the PhD researches is prof. dr. Wil Zonneveld, co-promotors are dr. Dominic Stead and dr. Marina Bos-De Vos, all at Delft University of Technology. External advisors are ir. dr. Egbert Stolk, University of Technology Sydney, School of Design, Architecture and Building, Australia and ir. Dirk Sijmons.

You are invited to follow the research in the posts tagged as ‘academic research’ on this website.